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Our Mission


Our mission is to provide our customers with the local source of pasture grazed, healthy and the tastiest products possible. In addition to intensive rotational pasture grazing we supplement with local certified organic grain. Our mission is to serve our local communities while caring for and preserving our native grasslands thereby exemplifying a sustainable farming ecosystem that is economically viable and ecologically responsible.  We stand by our products and their supreme quality, freshness and flavor.


Through our programs we hope to build community by encouraging member involvement in the farm that offers hands-on learning and seasonal fresh food thereby fostering an interest in home-made meals that help bring families together, support a locally based food system, and reduce the need and interest for community members to source out-of-region food from commercial grocery chains.



Our Beliefs 

We believe that animals serve a purpose. We believe in the circle of life and that every aspect from soil to plant to animal to consumer are all unique and require specific care and nutrition to ensure our customers are getting the most natural and healthy food possible. We believe in creating an environment that allows each individual animal the freedom and the means to live as naturally as possible. We believe in the humane slaughter of livestock which we have processed through a USDA certified process. We believe that everyone should know where their food comes from and should appreciate the journey from farm to table.



What Makes Us Unique...




Livestock Guardian Dogs

Jake - Great Pyrenees

Annie - GP/Kangal


Young Beginning Farmers

Meet Tricia and Kyle


Guinea Fowl


Hatching eggs, keets, young

All natural tick control



Bees, flies, birds, and bats


Pasture Raised Duck Egg

Supplemented with local certified organic feed



We believe in being a part of the community!

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