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Too much rain and not enough deep freezes have left the Midatlantic region rife for booming tick populations. Ticks carry diseases that could infect you and your loved ones for years to come. Pesticide use only solves the problem for short periods of time - maybe. And if you’ve been watching the news you’ll have seen articles where cancer rates in pets are skyrocketing and being linked to pesticide usage on personal lawns. How do you best protect yourself, your pets, and your children from ticks?

Free ranging Guinea Fowl, in our opinion, is the best way to go! These little guys are voracious bug and most especially tick eaters! They’ll scour your property (and your neighbors, too!) looking for the little buggers. They’re small and independent and are 100% focused on their jobs.

Yes they can be a little noisy but when you watch a group run across a field you envision dinosaurs on Jurassic Park and how raptors might have run across a field thousands of years ago! We love these quirky little birds and only notice their noisiness when they’re alerting to a predator or to someone coming onto our property (free alarm system, people!). The best part about Guinea Fowl is that they are easily predated upon unless you coop train them. So if you decide you hate them? Chances are they’ll disappear within one season and you’ll still have gotten the benefits of their extermination abilities!

Pre-order for Spring 2023! Straight run, mixed color flock.

Hatching eggs and keets will be available on a first come first serve basis!

Our flock is NPIP Certified.
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