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6 Kings Farm


Now Mon & Thurs 4:30-7PM
On Farm Store

23160 Bethel Rd Frankford, DE 19945

In stock: full racks, loin roast, ground,
sausage (loose and grillers;
rosemary and herb or merguez), half legs,
shoulder chops and roasts, stew,

breast, shanks, and frozen bone broth.

A small woman owned sheep farm

down at the beach.

We specialize in raising dairy sheep producing raw pet milk, sheeps milk soap, hand tanned natural sheepskin pelts, delicious nutritious lamb, and WOOL4SOIL wool pellet fertilizer and soil amendment.


All livestock are pasture raised, regeneratively grazed, and supplemented with a locally grown certified organic feed.


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Find us in 2024
On Farm Store

May - September (Monday and Thursday 4:30-7PM)
23160 Bethel Rd Frankford, DE 19945

Berlin Farmers Market
Berlin, MD - Sundays 9AM-1PM

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