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Host a Hive Program


Now accepting applications for Spring 2017! Please email us today!

  • Apply and have your yard evaluated to participate in our Host a Hive program

  • We will place 2-4 hives on your property

  • We will tend and maintain the hives throughout the year






  • The space in your yard to place 2-4 hives

  • We own the hives, the equipment, and the bees

  • Payment due by December 1, 2017 and your bees should arrive and be installed by April/May

  • Price includes care and maintenance of the hive, the cost of the bees, and the time and expense of the beeekeeper

  • You agree to refrain from using pesticides or weed killer of any kind 

  • If for any reason, your hives were to fail, we would provide you with honey from other hives within our program

  • Long-term participation in the program is where most of your benefits will be seen as the bees establish themselves and begin producing an excess product. Immediate benefit of pollination of your gardens/flowers

  • The pollination benefits of honeybees in your yard for an entire year

  • Two 12 ounce jars of raw, local honey after cultivation OR six 4 ounce jars that make great gifts!

  • The satisfaction of knowing that you're making a difference and that you are actively a part of the solution to save the honeybees

  • A “bee education” that comes from the opportunity to watch these amazing creatures working every day

  • Special pricing and exclusive discounts on other farm products throughout the year




Please contact us by email at


Include your last name in the SUBJECT.


Also include your physical address, telephone number, and a good time to reach you. 

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