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Almost all chicken that can be purchased in the grocery stores are from commercial flocks. This means that day old chicks are counted and immediately shipped to grower houses where they will spend the majority of their lives. These chicks will live together by the thousands packed into long houses without access to fresh air, sunlight, grass, and bugs. They will be fed a diet of grain that is made from corn and soybeans. These birds will be grown as big and as quickly as possible. At 8-10 weeks these birds will go outside for the second time in their lives to be packed into cages and trucked to processing facilities. They will endure whatever season and environment at the time. These birds only come into human contact when the farm manager goes through the houses to fix equipment or to pick up dead. Can you imagine the panic and terror that these birds go through when suddenly they are frightened into groups and snatched and thrown into cages by a group of men to then be trucked to the processing plants for their final moments of life?


All of these things are factors that affect your food that you might not be aware of... What does that do to the meat? The stress that the birds are under leading up to processing? 


Grain is a substitute that we rely on to produce with the highest feed efficiency ratios. This means that we specifically breed and feed commercial poultry the least amount of grain to produce the largest pound bird possible. Grain is not the "natural" form of food that poultry were "created" to eat. 


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